wish you had a manual for the web?


Video [vid-ee-oh]: the technology of electronically capturing, recording, processing, storing, transmitting, and reconstructing a sequence of still images representing scenes in motions. The average online video viewer is now watching nearly 5 hours of video every month and YouTube states that 20 hours of video are being added every single minute. That’s right. 20 Hours. Every Single Minute. If you want us to do the math, that would mean 10,483,200 hours of video will be added this year. Where’s your video?

Not all web firms are the same and not all websites are created equal. You’ve found a company that takes the time to understand exactly what you want in both aesthetics and functionality when it comes time to building your website, your presence on social media, online advertising, consulting and blog creation. How does it work? It’s simple. We listen. Nobody knows your business better than you do. WebMedley will customize your message based on what you need and set the tools in place to get you where you want to go. Don’t know what you want? That’s okay too. We can work with you to turn the uncertainties of your message into a clear and direct approach.

Social media has become a roaring river, carving its way through mountains of yesteryear marketing. One thing is for sure. Social media has become an integral part of everyday life and businesses are seeing the positive impact and benefits of social media campaigns.

The Impact of Video on Society

71.6% of web users overall watch online video content in a typical week and compared to standard display media on the web, viewers are more likely to interact and engage with online video.

  • Digital Marketing Management

    Websites, social media, email newsletters, oh my! Yes, it can be overwhelming, so let WebMedley be your complete outsourcing model for your digital marketing. If you know the goals for your site and are ready to share the responsibility with a company experienced in managing the technologies, people, and trends, then you may be interested in our Digital Marketing Management services.

  • Web Consulting & Strategy

    You had a plan before you started your business, right? Well, every web initiative needs a plan, too. Many people become frustrated when their site, social media plan, advertising, etc. is not meeting their expectations. WebMedley can help you create a plan for your business; a strategy that will be customized and tailored to fit your business needs.

  • Web Hosting & Email

    Hadn’t thought of it? Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a multi-national organization, WebMedley offers web hosting for all organizations. We work with you to determine what sort of hosting you need, with a plan to cover the hosting server, email, anti-spam requirements, and server back-ups. It’s really cool. You can use a variety of content management systems for your website and you’ll have a website control panel where you can set up these systems (or we can do it for you).

  • Video Production

    As the Internet has developed over the years, videos have evolved as well. Videos are the second biggest search engine on the Internet (YouTube) second to Google. Tie your video production in with SEO and you’ve got yourself an audience to promote your organization or product and create awareness with your consumers. Can we do that? You betcha.

  • Bad Ass Design

    The word “design” is often considered ambiguous. The art of combining text, pictures and ideas in advertisements, publications, or websites has many levels of complexity – function, form and aesthetics are just a few.

    Your design is the face of your business, bringing potential new customers to visit and make decisions about whether they will purchase your products or use your services. Why not make it bad ass?

  • Building Websites

    Your site is probably more important to your prospects than your office. Why? When a prospect hears about your business, he/she will research you on the web prior to any in-person visit. It’s your 24/7 storefront, the face of your company to the world, your digital business card, whatever you want to call it, and we build it. WebMedley researches your industry, your product, and your organization to create a website that works for you. It will be like your customer walking straight through the door to your business. Sweet.

  • ECommerce Websites

    If you are needing to sell a product or service on the Internet, we’re here to help. What do you think of when you here ‘e-commerce’? The term refers to more than just buying and selling products online. It’s the entire online process of developing, marketing, selling, delivering, servicing and paying for products and services. WebMedley will create an e-commerce website that will streamline this process for your business, resulting in pure efficiency.

  • Social Media Consulting

    Remember the days when being social meant going to your homecoming dance or talking to your BFF on the phone? Social is much more than that now. Social media sites link you to your potential customers in a way that lets you communicate your message clearly, quickly and with the ability to change as your message changes. WebMedley works with each client to develop a social media strategy that targets the specific audience with your message; registering your company name with over 120 networks and online tools is just part of the process.

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing, or e-newsletters as we sometimes say, are a vital communication tool that can be used to send a special message or offer to your audience. Our newsletter system allows us to track who is opening the messages, integrates with your website statistics and helps us stay in compliance with the CAN-SPAM laws. Reach your audience AND generate new interest in your website – we like the sound of that.

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