Writing Content for Your Web Site and Social Media

Posted In Online Marketing, Social Media October 26th, 2010 by Bill Dotson Tags:

We’re always asked, “How can I get my site to the top of Google?” The answer to that question is a long one and involves a number of factors. However, we can say that content is still king. Marketing may be the king’s herald, but ultimately, the king must be in place and worthy of attention. Google and any technical engine appreciate fresh content because it shows the site is alive. But guess what? So do your prospects and clients. If you are selling something the content either is the sales or leads one to the sale.

Note: This short article is not meant to be a comprehensive planner — just the Executive Summary.

It can be difficult to generate new content for your organization week after week. Some of our clients manage it internally and some outsource. It’s not as difficult as you might think. You and your co-workers probably read industry news, make mental connections between current events and your profession, and have opinions on how your products/services should be used or tweaked. All of those thoughts are at least social media updates and could probably be turned into blog posts.

We recommend at least one company lunch a month where you and co-workers talk about what’s going on in your industry. All you have to do is write down the topics and give them to your copywriter. If you don’t have one, assign them out to others to help or find an intern or outsource.

Let’s imagine you’ve got five great articles (blog posts) and they are ready for editing. Don’t hit “Publish” yet. Keep in mind you’ll want to create a catchy headline (see below) and encourage people to share the content. Ideally, your blog is tied into your social media sites so they are automatically shared. You may also want to look at the most search words and phrases in your industry and modify your writing to include those terms. You can do a bit of keyword research using free tools like and .

Add some media — photos, videos, etc — to the content and then you should be ready to post. People want to see and experience things as well as read. (We don’t do this with our newsletter, but you’ll notice a different strategy with the blog and our monthly reports.)

Once published, make sure it looks correct on your site and the social media sites link back to you. Our final recommendation — send personal e-mails to people who may be interested in the topic. This is a time consuming process and most people will not do it. If you do, you’ll see the benefit.

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