Email Marketing

Email marketing is alive and well! We tend to call them “newsletters”, but it might involve a special message or offer to your audience as much as regular communication about your business and industry.

Newsletters are a vital communication tool and can be used to reach your existing audience and generate new interest in your site.  Your newsletter should go out to current and prospective clients.  The newsletter cannot communicate ‘here’s what you can buy’, but rather it needs to contain information relevant to them no matter whether they do business with you or not.  Our newsletter system allows us to track who is opening the messages, integrates with your web site statistics, and helps us stay in compliance with the CAN-SPAM laws.  We recommend a “once a month” or “once a quarter” newsletter.

In keeping with the spirit of connecting your entire online presence, whenever your newsletter is published, it will also publish to your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter, if applicable.

Pricing begins at $1,500 for set-up and configuration and hourly fees for assistance with training, contact updates, analytics, and more.