Social Media

More than ever before, Social Media sites link you to your potential customers in a way that lets you communicate your message clearly, quickly and with the ability to change as your message changes. Once your initial site is created, WebMedley will register your company name with over 20 essential social networks and online tools.  While only a few of these services are used, the act of registering on other sites may seem superfluous.  There are two reasons we do this:  to prepare for the rise of another network and to prevent others from using your name.  Once registered, we will give you a file with all of the logins and passwords.  These include a FaceBook Fan Page, Twitter account and more.  These will be a part of your marketing efforts after the site goes live.  Potential customers should be able to reach your content however is most convenient and preferred – e-mail, social media or your web site.

Once the profiles are set-up, we’ll provide advice on some of the easiest ways to keep different networks updated. We have publishing templates to help you keep your posts, tags, and more in line with your marketing goals.

Pricing for the initial registration of the name is $750. Full configuration of a network, your phones, and social media management tools is based on our hourly rates.