5 Creative Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Page Audience

20 February 2012, Comments: Comments Off on 5 Creative Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Page Audience

They say every business has to have a Facebook page.  Yet you’re frustrated because you can’t seem to make your page drive results.  You’re not alone!  Keep reading.  Here are a few tips and ideas to help you make the most of your Facebook business page, grow your Facebook page and drive RESULTS. It’s time to get creative and give your page a serious dose of popularity.

Give ‘em some incentive.

It’s like the tree in the woods that no one hears fall…Even if you think your page is awesome, if you don’t have fans it won’t matter.  According to a recent study from ExactTarget, 58% of Facebook users expect to receive discounts or promotions from “liking” a business page.  Pony up a few prizes or give incentives and see what happens.

Host a monthly or weekly give-a-way.

All new fans are entered to win. Brag about your winner on your page and in exchange, the winner shares a little love note to their audience about your company  and tags your page.  Curiosity will drive their friends to your page.  Bingo.

Example: Dooney and Bourke

Dooney and Bourke Facebook Welcome Tab

Dooney and Bourke Facebook Welcome Tab

Raise money for a charity.

Your business may already donate to charity.  Why not get more exposure through your generosity?  Pick a charity your audience is passionate about and for every new fan, commit to donate a certain amount. Watch fans flock to your page.

  • Example: Street King. For each new fan they donated 1 meal for a child in need.  In less than 24 hours the page had over 200,000 fans.
  • Example: Burt’s Bees
Charity Example: Burt's Bees

Example: Burt's Bee Facebook page

Start a “Fan of the Week” contest.

Ask your fans to do something for your business, like sharing a picture/video with your product/service. The more humorous and fun the better! Tailor the criteria to your audience and be creative.  And guess what? All of these funny submissions get your page more exposure in their newsfeed.

  • ExampleInsanity. Their “Fan of the Week” contest is just 1 reason why their page has an ultra engaged audience.
Insanity Facebook Fan of the Week Contest

Insanity Facebook Fan of the Week Contest

Reward your audience.

Throw your loyal fans a coupon now and then.  After bragging about the exclusive deal to their friends and co-workers, watch the good news spread like fire as your fan base skyrockets.  Even better, create a promotion where the discount % is tiered.  The more new fans, the greater the discount. Pure madness.

  • Example: America’s Next Great Restaurant. Chipotle founder and TV show judge Steve Ells offered a free Chipotle burrito coupon to everyone who “liked” the show’s page and watched a preview.  While the show was a flop, the awareness campaign was a success.

If you remember anything, remember THIS:

Speak to your audience (and listen!).  Creative ideas are great but if you really want to learn how to grow your Facebook page audience you must understand your target audience: their likes, how they engage and share and what they seek from connecting with your business on Facebook.  How can I do that?  I thought you would never ask…

Evaluate your efforts regularly.  Refer to your Facebook Insights Dashboard as a guide.  Focus on response.  Your fans will tell you what they like by how much they respond with what you share.  Try a few different ideas and see what works best for your audience.  Then, give them more of what they want!

Be patient.  To grow your Facebook page audience, you need patience and consistency.  Celebrate small milestones, stay relevant to your audience and be consistent. “If you build it…they will come.”  Hoakey – but true. :-)

Ask for help.  Not sure where to start?  Can’t tell if your social media is working?  Let me know – I can help you get on the right path.

– Aimee


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