Building Web Sites

WebMedley builds websites for a number of businesses, religious organizations, and non-profits. We’ll deliver a site that serves as your foundation for online marketing.

Here’s a short list of what we do for our clients:

  • WebMedley will use our expertise to build a site layout and design that will benefit your viewers and search engines.
  • We’ll develop a site layout and style indicative of your culture and incorporating your current logo/letterhead.
  • Insert copy you send us for each page in the site map or you can use our copy writing services.
  • After the pages are built, we install a number of modules that help us manage the site and track who is visiting and how they arrived.  We use this information along with advertising metrics to make sure you are spending your capital in the most effective manner.

Our goal is to make your site a destination for your customers and potential customers. We build a site dedicated to strengthening your brand and your message with proven strategies to get you started and a team of experts that will stand with you to watch it grow and change as your business grows and changes.