How We Invoice for Web Services

Lot’s of people are curious as to the fee for our services. We used to charge a set-up fee, payments at certain milestones of a project, and just prior to taking a site live. Now, we charge a monthly fee for our work if our clients choose to finance with us – no more set-up or deposit fee. The set-up and final fees are still options for organizations not qualifying for financing or start-up companies.

The monthly fee is typically paid over twelve to eighteen months. The time is dependent on the total volume of work to be performed in the beginning of the relationship.

You can see the majority of the web services we offer on this site.

There may be occasional fees for other items if they are outside our standard scope of web services. For example, we do not include video shoots or video edits in the monthly fee.

Here are some other stats about our invoicing:

  • Most of our clients are web hosting clients – spending about $700 annually
  • The fees paid to WebMedley for digital marketing services in the small business or other similar sized organization ranges from $2000 to over $20,000.
  • We invoice clients directly for any online advertising fees paid to Facebook, Google, and others.
  • We send invoices electronically and you can pay online.
  • Most clients pay us within twenty days but the trend is moving closer to the day of invoicing since people like to pay on a credit card and get those card perks (airline miles, point, etc…)
  • People can buy out of the deal if they like according to the terms agreed upon at signature.

If you have any questions about monthly pricing or working with us, please contact us and we’ll be in touch the same business day.