Online Advertising

Online advertising is growing at an amazing pace. Just a few years ago, ad budgets didn’t put any real faith in the web. Now, there are line items in almost everyones’ budgets for ads on Google, Facebook, and local web sites.

We offer full service online advertising management — from ad strategy to creation, bidding, and analysis. Our clients have different needs — some would like local ads only and others are seeking buyers nationwide.

If you are new to online advertising, we’ll explain the basics and help you build a campaign to meet your business goals.

If you have existing media buys in place, we’ll manage all the vendors, rates, and analyze what’s working and what should be changed.

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Want to know how we do it? Let’s take a look…

Step One: Search Engine Optimization

Before engaging in online ads, your site needs to be optimized to be visible to your prospects and search engines. Search engine optimization usually involves changing page titles, adding H1 titles, and improving the META Description tag. Depending on how deep you’d like to overhaul the site, it may also involve rewriting content to optimize for your viewers. You increase the likelihood of making a sale, generating a lead, or increasing your outreach as an added benefit of a user finding exactly what they are looking for.

Step Two: Online Advertising Management

We’ll build the ad campaign according to the business goals. The campaign will use third party tools that help us with ad placement and tracking. With a primary focus on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, we’ll cover the “big three”. In addition, we look for local media outlets like TV and newspaper web sites and create Facebook/Twitter/FourSquare contests to increase exposure and make participating fun.

We review the performance of the ads to fine tune and get the most from your budget. You’ll see the result of the ads and our recommendations in the form of your weekly or monthly update.

Fees start at $225/month.

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