Web Consulting and Strategy

Every web initiative needs a plan. Too often, we see people begin a site or take action before the simplest plan is put together. Then, frustration develops because the site (or social media plan or advertising…) is not meeting expectations.

We offer consulting in two major areas: Web Site Consulting  and Web & Technology Consulting.

Web Site Consulting

WebMedley has a web presence consulting plan to help you determine what is realistic on the web given your resources and business goals. Our questionnaire requires about five pages and an hour or two of your time. After we finish working with you, there’s a written plan of action with a timeline, person responsible, and any other resources required.

Web & Technology Consulting

In the event you need help with other online projects, WebMedley may be able to assist you. We’re exposed to a number of different web technologies and are able to share our experiences with you. Here are a few examples of the consulting we’re given to clients:

  • Technology licensing and software contracts
  • Webinar planning and deployment
  • Employee agreements related to computer and internet usage
  • Hiring technical employees – from job position descriptions to reviews to compensation
  • Vendor selection and project management

If you think we may be able to help you with your consulting need, just contact us. If we’re able to help then we’ll get started. If not, we’ll help you find a partner who can.