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More Start-up Resources

Here are some other great links for people interested in starting a business. This post is a follow-up to our previous article on start-ups and building web apps. The Lean Start-up: a book review Comments on your Management Team If you are building an app and think “free” is the way to go, read this […]

Start-up Resources for New Entrepreneurs

This morning, we received questions from a person who wishes to start a new business and build it around a website or application. We’ve received requests like this in the past and they can eat up a lot of time if the person (prospect) doesn’t really have a firm grip on what it takes to […]

The Exit Plan — Most People Never Think About Getting Out

We’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of start-ups in different industries. Some seem safe bets and others are far out. Way far out. No matter the idea, most of the founders were very passionate about their business idea. Some even wanted us to sign non-disclosure agreements before talking to them. (why we […]