WebMedley in 2014

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2014 is around the corner and although you know January 1 is just another day, we like to celebrate it as a time for new opportunities. There’s so much changing in the tech and marketing world on a weekly basis that the concept of annual change is a bit dated now. No matter whether you […]

Save Time and Automate Using Zapier

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We started using Zapier to automate some business processes and fell in love with it. Zapier is a tool connecting over 200 web tools. A “zap” is a link between two services. All of the popular social and business sites with APIs are able to be zapped! Here’s an example of how you can use […]

Content is King? Learn Why and How to Manage It.

We’ve all heard the phrase “content is king”. What does it really mean?

The video below will explain the following: 1) Why content marketing matters, 2) How it increases your branding 3) How it makes you more likely to be trusted while generating leads and nurturing relationships, and 4) How you can manage the content generation process.

You can use our Content Marketing Plan Template to organize your content marketing, too.

Ever Sent or Received a Password via Email?

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Admit it: You’ve sent a password via email. You’ve probably also had emails sent to you containing usernames and passwords. Emailing passwords is a big No No. Since we know you probably have an old and easy to guess password, you are leaving yourself and others vulnerable for being hacked. There’s a new tool online […]

Have Online Marketing Questions?

We receive a lot of questions about online marketing. The questions range from “How do I rank better in search engines?” to “How do I add an image to my website?”. In fact, the questions are all over the board and from a number of people who are not our clients. About the same time we were […]

Phone Changes Affecting Calls

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We are transitioning to a new phone provider and you may experience trouble connecting with our office.  However, voicemail is still working and you can reach us on our support line or by sending a message to .  We will provide an update once we have completed this transition.  Thank you for your patience […]